WFL machines add new level of added value

Market changes and mutual dependencies between value creation stages require both new technical and economical solutions. How can companies face these challenges with greater resilience and exploit the benefits of increased cost effectiveness? This question is posed by the transnational ‘EuProGigant’ project with the aim of ensuring smart, sovereign use of data for production.

In order to obtain meaningful data, users of WFL machines are part of the consortium. Plasser & Theurer, for example, bought a WFL machine with automation in 2022. The machine is supposed to run without human interference and use process monitoring to move data from the machine to a control level. Thanks to the Gaia-Ccommunication standard, this is set to take place beyond the company’s borders to enable integration in a production network and the exchange of information – on tolerance values, for example.

Other machine manufacturers in the consortium include Heller and Arburg. At Heller, a WFL machine is in spindle production, where it performs essential turning. Arburg has other machines which perform turning/milling processes for hydraulic functions when introducing the subsequent injection moulding tools. At the IFT (Institute for production technology) in Vienna, there is a WFL M35MillTurn, which performs tests and evaluations. The aim is to transfer the results its partners’ production sites.

The M35 MillTurn, which is at the IFT at Vienna University of Technology, integrates with a data communications network as part of a collaboration line.

Research-related testinghas now reached its conclusion. The next phase concerns implementation. Together, the aim is to demonstrate concrete success in implementation, such as with the further development of demonstrators in the area of ‘perfect component matching. WFL machines are available in the UK from Kyal Machine Tools.
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