Wearable robotic exoskeletons

IUVO, a spin-off company of the BioRobotics Institute (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) in the field of wearable technologies, has recently received a joint investment from Comau and Össur. The objective of IUVO is to create wearable, intelligent and active tools for a better quality of life. Here, the first concrete examples are robotic exoskeletons capable of aiding and improving the quality of life for workers in the industrial and service fields, and for medical patients in need of improved mobility.

A fundamental aspect of the venture is the joint desire to progress and evolve human-machine collaboration within diverse sectors, including biomedical, manufacturing and consumer. With headquarters inside the Comau HUMANufacturing Innovation Centre in Pisa, and a group of engineers and researches, IUVO is leveraging the shared competencies of the extended team to develop and commercialise wearable technologies.
For further information www.comau.com