Vollmer is only name on the list

Just one year before Great Lakes Custom Tool Manufacturing Inc (GLCT) celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, the Wisconsin-based specialist in custom saw blades was marking other milestones in its prestigious history with the opening of a 20,000 sq ft factory extension and the arrival of five additional Vollmer machines.

With more than 80 staff, 50+ CNC machine tools, a multitude of manual machines and inspection and measuring technology, one brand that has lasted the distance at GLCT is Vollmer.

Vice-president Ray Martin says: “We bought our first Vollmer machine back in 1979 when we started and this was followed by a Vollmer CHC22H saw grinder for face and top grinding in 1982. We then bought a manual side-grinding machine in 1985 and this machine is still in service today for some of our repair work. It wasn’t until 1999 that we bought our next Vollmer machine, a CX100 for top and face grinding of carbide-tipped circular saws. Since the turn of the century, we’ve added two CHD270 machines, a DES300, a CHF270, a CHF840, a CHC840 and even the ND250 robotic loading system.”

With average saw blade order quantities ranging from 4 to 6-off, and even up to 20 and 50, the Vollmer TCT machines are producing a substantial quantity of new saw blades every week; with an additional large quantity of saw service, re-grind and repair volumes passing through the company as well.

The Vollmer machines that arrived at the factory recently included a QF270 for machining the tooth sides of PCD-tipped circular saws via disc erosion.
“When it comes to manufacturing saw blades, as well as PCD cutting tools, Vollmer is our go-to solution,” concludes Martin.

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