Virtual service support from Saws UK

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns have affected businesses in every industry. While some suffer more than others, almost all companies operating in the UK have had to adapt in order to serve their client base and survive in these difficult times.

Like many innovative and forward-thinking businesses, Saws UK has found ways to continue manufacturing, selling and supporting during lockdown periods. One of the company’s latest innovations is virtual service support. Allowing Saws UK to give customers the assistance they need, while keeping staff and clients safe, this offer is helping the company maintain its high standards of customer service during lockdown.

While Saws UK says that precise engineering and high quality standards are synonymous with its machines, they still require regular maintenance in order to keep them in top condition. Occasionally, when something goes wrong, machines may need repairs or servicing.

Virtual service support from Saws UK takes the form of online video tutorials. Designed to be easy to follow, the videos help a customer diagnose issues and rectify problems. There are already a number of support videos online at the Saws UK website that cover common repair and maintenance issues with some of the company’s most popular models. If the issue is not covered by one of the videos, Saws UK is inviting customers to get in touch, after which it will try and create a video that addresses the problem.

Alternatively, customers can call Saws UK team, which will talk through the steps needed to get the saw up and running. In many cases, this virtual support will help to reduce the cost of servicing and repairs.

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