Universal turning with CLX 450 TC

In order to meet increasing production requirements with smaller quantities and greater part diversity, DMG Mori is establishing a new series with the CLX TC, in which a B axis with CompactMaster turning and milling spindle replaces the traditional tool turret. On board are an automatic tool changer with tool magazine, the usual main spindle, and the tailstock or optional counter spindle.

The central element of the new CLX 450 TC is the B axis with the CompactMaster turning and milling spindle. A Y axis allows eccentric machining even in the standard version, while the tool magazine with up to 60 places – the standard is 30 – enables the production of several different components without intermediate tool set-ups. Tools can, of course, be loaded and unloaded in parallel with machining time, again reducing set-up times.

DMG Mori’s concept with a B axis requires only one tool for the main and counter spindles. In addition, the use of multitools and sister tools is possible, so that nothing stands in the way of flexible automation for unmanned shifts. The CompactMaster spindle offers similar advantages in CNC milling: there is only one tool for radial and axial milling, no special angle heads are required, and complex machining is possible with standard tools.

According to DMG Mori, the B axis also benefits process stability as it enables comprehensive measurement of the workpiece on the machine tool. In addition, there is an integrated tool measuring device above the main spindle outside the working area. The CLX 450 TC is equipped with a Siemens 840D Solutionline and a 19” multi-touch panel.

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