Unilap steps into new sectors with Vollmer

Darrell Hughes founded South Yorkshire Saw & Tool Co in 1974 as a small saw blade sharpening and ancillary supply company. Wind forward almost 50 years from the inception of a company working out of a two-bay garage and the transformation of the Doncaster-based company is beyond comprehension. Everything has changed. The company name, the facility, the industries served and the manufacturing processes.In fact, the only remaining constants are the long-serving personnel, family ownership and sharpening technology from Vollmer UK.

Changing its name in 1992 to Systco Unilap, the saw blade sharpening company acquired its first Vollmer machine in the late 1970s and has bought a complete suite of German-built machines over the years. To manufacture the countless product lines with thousands of new, re-sharpened and serviced tools delivered every week, the company has 11 Vollmer machines.Three arrived in 2022.

With 25% annual post-Covid expansion in traditional markets and growth in new segments, Unilap needed capacity, hence its investment in a Vollmer CHX840 with HS loading system in April 2022. Quickly following this machine was a Vollmer QXD250 with HC5 loader in July, with a Vgrind 260 with HC4 loading system arriving in October of the same year.

The reasoning behind the CHX840 and the QXD250 was simple. Unilap purchased the automated CHX840 saw blade sharpening machine to add unmanned ‘lights-out’ running and alleviate capacity on the 22-employee company’s other saw blade manufacturing and servicing machines. Likewise, Unilap already had a nine-year-old Vollmer QXD200 machine running around the clock, so upgrading to a brand-new QXD250 would add capacity and support rapid growth in the metalworking industry.

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