Transmission specialist selects EMAG

Solutions for the demanding production of transmission components: this statement sums up the task required of Kordel, headquartered in Dülmen near Münster. The company develops and produces complete transmission systems used in industrial trucks, as well as agricultural and construction machinery. To ensure that its technology can withstand tough, long-term continuous use, while at the same time ensuring efficient power transmission, the specialist manufacturer relies on high-quality, precision machine tools for its production.

For over 20 years, Kordel has been using pick-up technology from EMAG (the company currently operates 17 EMAG machines), and it continuously invests in new models from the German manufacturer. Most recently, the company purchased two VLC 200 GT turn-grind centres. These systems perform hard machining processes on a variety of bevel gears, one after the other, in a single set-up.

The result: by combining turning and grinding, this solution ensures long tool life and a qualitatively stable process.

One of the two machines is located at the Dernekamp site near its headquarters, while the other is in Jawor, Poland. In Germany, the VLC 200 GT manufactures a variety of different sized bevel gears, used in a one-wheel drive for industrial trucks. This gear is one of the central parts of the drive and requires an enormous amount of precision.

After hard turning, only a residual allowance of a few hundredths of a millimetre remains on the gear. The subsequent grinding of inner and outer contours – with the corresponding two grinding spindles inside the VLC 200 GT – creates a consistent surface quality that ensures a stable production process.

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