Touch sensors deliver pinpoint precision

Now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is the newly developed Big Kaiser Base Master Red and Base Master Mini touch sensors. The latest touch sensor family can determine workpiece offsets and tool lengths to improve precision, repeatability and reduce set-up times.

Base Master Red can be used with all types of machines and materials, including non-conductive cutting tools, workpieces and machine tools. The sensor allows the operator to quickly touch a tool with zero risk of damage or breakage, saving time and money. Additionally, the body set and measuring sensor are independent of each other, and this makes maintenance particularly easy as customers can simply replace the measuring sensor in the event of any issue ever occurring.
The Base Master Red offers repeatability of ±0.001 mm.
For maximum flexibility, the system has a solid magnetic base that mounts vertically, horizontally or at any angle the operator desires.
Base Master Red is complemented by Base Master Mini, which has a compact design that makes it fast, flexible and easy to use, says ITC. The main feature of Base Master Mini is its slim height of only 10 mm, making it suitable for small turning centres, sliding-head lathes and other machine tools where working space is limited.
For rapid reference point detection, both the Base Master Red and Base Master Mini are fitted with a bright green LED light. Battery life is 10 hours if used continuously.
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