Tornos plays right tune for guitar specialist

Top guitar players and metal-cutting experts share a common passion: the search for the last micron and the perfect sound.

Both of these factors can be found at Schaller, a company that produces precision mechanical components for electric guitars. To achieve the accuracy required, Schaller relies on CNC automatic lathes from Swiss manufacturer Tornos.
Schaller GmbH is a German manufacturer of hardware for musical instruments and is headquartered in Postbauer-Heng, near Nuremberg. The company develops, produces, markets and sells machine heads, bridges, vibrato systems (so-called tremolos), strap locks and other guitar accessories on a global scale.
A look at output levels reveals that the company is actually a highly prolific manufacturing enterprise. In the online shop, customers will find about 19,000 products and 160 end assemblies that consist of up to 500 individual parts having eight different surfaces each. The fact that Schaller supplies more than 1.5 million products per year is testament to factory manager Dominik Weininger and his team.
The company possesses two Swiss GT13 and two Swiss DT26 machines. For Schaller, the technical features of the GT 13 and its six-axis kinematics are the prerequisites to meet all challenges associated with the production process. The Swiss GT13 is intended for diameters up to 13 mm and has six linear axes and two C axes. These axes can be equipped with up to 30 tools, 12 of them being driven tools.
The Swiss DT26 boasts a tried and tested kinematic structure with five linear axes. Spindles can reach a power rating of over 10.5 kW. Moreover, the Swiss DT 26 is no longer restricted to mere turning and milling tasks, but can be equipped with various tool holders.
The Tornos machines at Schaller are running 24 hours a day, five days a week.
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