Tools for machining OCTG products

Tooling manufacturer Paul Horn is expanding the range of products it supplies to manufacturers of equipment for machining pipes and sleeves used in oil and gas production, as well as to end users. The cost-effective OCTG (oil country tubular goods) machining solutions for use in API- and GOST-compliant – as well as premium joint applications – focus on ease of use. According to Horn, standard and customer-specific tools deliver a productive edge over other tools in the areas of handling, service life and cost per threaded connection.

The tool systems are available with standard machine interfaces including VDI, polygonal shank and round shank holders, and as solutions that are flange-mounted on turrets. They are adapted to suit the production process, from manual loading through to full automation. Both the screw clamp and ground geometries of Horn’s S117 and 315 systems, together with carefully matched tool holders, enable effective chip management.

There are no expensive parts such as chip breakers or shims to install, allowing customers to make savings when procuring tools. The two systems use substrates and coatings for the inserts that are tailored to the machining conditions, resulting in significant improvements in both cutting performance and tool life. Accurate interchangeability provided by the precision insert seats reduces the number of tool adjustments needed after changing inserts.

During thread cutting in API- and GOST-compliant applications, the S117’s numerous teeth enable the number of cuts to be minimised. The 315 system has three usable cutting edges, leading to cost optimisation. Horn says it is a good choice for premium joints that permit no more than one to three teeth per cutting edge.

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