Sutherland introduces personalised AI bots

In a landmark shift toward futuristic manufacturing capabilities, Sutherland Presses has announced an ambitious initiative to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all its operations. This cutting-edge programme will see the introduction of dedicated 24/7 AI bots assigned to each department and staff member, creating a network of intelligent agents that enhance productivity, improve decision-making and innovate processes.

The transformative approach of Sutherland Presses places AI at the core of its operational matrix. The seamless integration of AI assistants is poised to revolutionise the company’s production line, supply chain management, customer service, R&D, human resources and administrative duties.

Customer service departments will see AI bots handle enquiries, process orders and provide aftersales support around the clock. Through natural language (NL) processing, these bots can communicate effectively, ensuring that customers receive prompt and accurate assistance while freeing up staff to tackle more complex service needs.

AI bots supporting the R&D teams will comb through vast data sets to identify trends and patterns that humans might overlook. By accelerating the design and testing phases, these AI partners substantially reduce time-to-market for new products, effectively keeping Sutherland Presses ahead in the competitive market.

As each department works closely with its designated AI bot, staff members will undergo specialised training to adapt to this collaboration. Far from replacing human workers, these AI agents are designed to augment and empower the workforce, decreasing mundane chores and elevating the human component to strategic problem-solving and creative innovation.

Sutherland Presses says its adoption of individual AI bots represents a significant leap into the future of manufacturing and beyond. AI integration supports the company’s commitment to pioneering advancements, ensuring that every facet of the business operates with heightened intelligence, agility and foresight.

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