Students come to Rupert’s aid

Engineering students at Cornwall College responded magnificently to a telephone call from the owner of Rupert, a retired greyhound who was struggling to walk due to chronic arthritis in his back legs. As part of their BTEC level 3 CNC training, the students designed and manufactured a special harness from aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre, making use of machine tools from XYZ in the college workshop along with Mastercam software.

The parts for the harness were initially sketched out on paper before being finalised using Mastercam. Data for the main frame of the harness was then transferred to the college’s XYZ Mini Mill 560 vertical machining centre for milling, profiling and drilling, with other fittings turned on the workshop’s XYZ SLX 1630 ProTurn lathe. As a result of these efforts, Rupert now has improved mobility and his quality of life is vastly improved.
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