Students benefit from measuring arm

Barrow-in-Furness based Furness College, south Cumbria’s largest training provider with more than 4300 students, has purchased a Faro Edge ScanArm HD with CAM2 Measure10 software. The measuring arm combines the advantages of a measuring arm with the advanced attributes of a hand-held laser scanner. Among other tasks, the college’s Faro system is now used by students to inspect and reverse engineer complex parts and surfaces into 3D models.

Gordon Higgins, curriculum leader, says: “The AMTC is helping to meet growing local demand for highly skilled workers by enabling students to develop skills on real-life projects. As we work with more than 700 employers across a range of businesses, in order to meet their diverse needs it is important that we provide students with access to the latest high-tech equipment and machinery. An example of our students’ exposure to, and training on, the kind of cutting-edge equipment that they will encounter in the ‘real world’ is our Faro Edge ScanArm HD with CAM2 Measure10 software.
“In addition to witnessing an impressive Faro demonstration, it helped our purchasing decision that industries such as shipbuilding, metal fabrication and tool and die use the Faro Edge ScanArm HD for inspection and quality control routines,” he adds. “Also, several of the major employers that we work closely with, including BAE Systems, use Faro systems.
“Now in regular use, the logical nature of Faro’s CAM2 Measure10 software and the simplicity of our Faro Edge ScanArm HD, enable students to quickly master the system’s operation and fully understand the results they achieve.”
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