Staubli makes advances in mould clamping

Based on field-proven principles, Stäubli says that its latest-generation QMC123 magnetic mould clamping solutions provide injection moulders with both flexibility and productivity, by simplifying the mould-change process. In addition, QMC123 offers many advantages during quick mould-change operations through new features such as active safety, improved interaction with the operator and the exact measurement of clamping force, all made possible by Stäubli’s IMAG technology.

By integrating a number of features which make it possible to anticipate malfunctions, the QMC123 reduces machine downtime. An interactive control panel enables the validation of each safety point during mould-change operations. Notably, a mould movement anticipation function helps to avoid the potential of moulds falling during the changeover process.

Stäubli’s IMAG-Editor software calculates the clamping force required for each mould in advance, depending on the press. This information makes it possible to anticipate problems ahead of production and, thanks to IMAG technology, the operator will be alerted if the system is in error or if the clamping force exerted on the mould is insufficient.

Users can select from two variants of this mould clamping solution. QMC123 Essential provides a level of safety configured for repetitive operations with a lower level of diversity in the moulds, in terms of their size and weight, and simple pushbutton operation. The QMC123 Premium variant on the other hand offers the safest magnetic clamping solution on the market today, reports Stäubli. In addition, the versatility of the Premium option makes it compliant with a high diversity of mould variants, while the intuitive and ergonomic hand pendant provides enhanced functionality through integration with the machine HMI.

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