Simple tool changes in a matter of seconds

With its new CMS, Schunk is launching a user-friendly manual change system for the rapid replacement of components. As well as simple and convenient operation, the extensive range of optional modules and complementary end effectors is also notable with the CMS.

Schunk’s CMS manual change system enables rapid, process-reliable changeover at the robot front end, or also on stationary systems such as in fixture construction. The manually operated system consists of a CMS-K interchangeable head and a CMS-A interchangeable adapter, handling payloads of up to 58 kg. Users can flexibly combine the system with handling or machining components from the extensive Schunk portfolio – from grippers to machining tools from the R-Emendo series, for example, for automated deburring, polishing or filing.

The CMS is the further development of the SHS changing system, which is already an established part of the Schunk portfolio, and can replace it 1:1 due to its having the same height and screw-on patterns. According to the company, the successor version now offers decisive optimisations in terms of operation, design, process reliability and usage options.

Tried-and-tested push lever technology makes operation of the CMS extremely simple and convenient. It is possible to lock the interchangeable head by hand with the adapter without the use of any additional tools. Integrated air ‘feed-throughs’ via sealing pins with cylinder seals support manual locking, so that only minimal force is required. In addition, the thrust lever has a new, cranked shape that does not conceal any of the numerous connections. As a result, all system connections are also now suitable for radial use.The CMS manual change system is available in six sizes from 40 to 125.
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