Simple finger change during an ongoing process

With its new BSWS-R quick-change jaw system, Schunk enables automated finger changes during an ongoing process. The system consists of just a few components and is compatible with all grippers featuring the PGN-plus-P screw connection diagram.

In many sectors, production is increasingly moving in the direction of high-mix/low-volume. This is where being able to produce a wide range of variants without any manual set-up, even with the smallest batch sizes, is becoming a great advantage for companies. The BSWS-R jaw quick-change system makes this possible with its flexible solution.

The latest evolutionary stage of the BSWS series enables robots to change their gripper fingers automatically in-process – in under three seconds. Until now, automated changes have only been possible when replacing the entire gripper. Meanwhile the BSWS-R can accomplish this task with a minimum of components.

A quick-change system base, two adapter pins and a deposit station are the only parts needed for each gripper finger. The base screws into the workpiece-specific gripper finger and the adapter pins fasten to the base jaw of the gripper. When the base moves into the deposit station, the locking pin actuates and the form-fit mechanism unlocks. The robot moves upwards out of the jaw quick-change system, while the fingers and base remain in the deposit station. No additional work is necessary as the robot performs the change independently. The new design eliminates the need to drill through the finger. Only threaded holes are required, giving users more freedom when designing fingers.

The BSWS-R is available in nine sizes. In smaller versions up to size 100, the support stations feature elastomer bearings, making them suitable for use with collaborative robots (cobots).

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