Sharpe takes 7th Unison tube bender

Continuing investment in versatile all-electric tube bending machinery from UK-based Unison is boosting operations at tube and pipe fabrication specialist, Sharpe Products of Wisconsin, US. Sharpe recently invested in its 7th Unison tube bender to give the company an edge in meeting the ever-changing demands of the tube- and pipe-jobbing business.

Most customers no longer want to invest in stock, and batch sizes have reduced dramatically. These trends mean that machine set-up times become a major factor in job pricing. Any scrap generated during set-up – which can often run into several pieces when using older hydraulically-actuated bending machines – also negatively impacts job costs.
The first Unison machine bought by Sharpe Products was the Breeze 3” tube bender, and since that moment, the company has been a loyal Unison customer. Sharpe’s latest purchase is a Breeze 3” multi-stack, CNC-controlled, three-axis pipe-bending machine with a capacity of up to 3” or 80 mm diameter tubes. This machine has the ability to hold several tools for multi-radius parts or reduce tool changeover times, and is fitted with high torque servomotors to accommodate challenging materials. Also featured is a swing-away wiper-die servo axis to enable short, final straight part designs to be manufactured without post-bend trimming operations.
“Unison’s pipe benders are extremely reliable machines with innovative control technology and robust mechanical designs that help us to continually meet the demands of our customers,” says Paul Krickeberg, president at Sharpe Products. “On top of the great machines, they have great people providing great service and support. Unison offers the complete package.”
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