Servo press positions Mursix for growth

Mursix Corporation, a technology-driven manufacturer supplying components to a wide range of industries, has recently acquired a new Minster 600-ton punch press with a servo motor. The investment expands the company’s capabilities and positions Mursix for growth into a more diverse range of industries.

Delivered from Spain, this sophisticated machine joins the Mursix family of Minster presses that range from 22 to 400 tons. The servo motor maximises energy by delivering a higher tonnage than the company has ever been able to provide previously, allowing for more flexibility with speed control and stroke length. The result equates to a better-quality product at a better price, with a bonus of more efficient energy use translating into expanded production capabilities for current and potential customers.

With this advanced press, Mursix will be able to produce more complex parts. The Minster has the ability to produce heavier gauge and thicker materials with increased run speed and consistency, creating more efficient production.

Mursix is known for creating advanced, custom-engineered components, but those on the leadership team are always looking toward the future with the goal of continuously enhancing capabilities for customers.

“Although the last few years have been challenging, we’ve been taking investment in our family business quite seriously,” says Susan Murray Carlock, vice president of business development. “As a business leader, my father had always preached the importance of investing in your people and the capital that prepares the company for tomorrow. My brother and I carry on that legacy today. For companies of our size [$40m revenue, 200 employees], staying on top of industry innovations so that we can be competitive is a must, and requires good people and the latest technology.”
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