Servo press is smart, fast and safe

Schuler will present its newly-developed servo press to the public for the first time at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover on 23-26 October.

The 400 ton press, which is suitable for both progressive and transfer mode, can travel at an oscillating stroke of up to 70 strokes per minute thanks to the dynamic servo drives.
Schuler has designed the control of the machine in the style of an intuitive smartphone app: operators can select from predefined movement profiles or program them freely. This functionality significantly reduces the inhibition threshold for exploiting the machine’s potential. Thanks to the kinematics of the knuckle-joint drive, forming at the bottom dead centre is also slower in itself, which means that readjustment via the servo drive is not always necessary.
The ‘Smart Assist’ software guides the operator step-by-step through the set-up process, supported by small videos and text modules. In addition, the electronic assistant optimises the transfer and slide profiles to maximum output depending on the clearance profiles – a complex process that previously took a lot of time.
Schuler’s process monitor integrated in the control unit offers extensive monitoring options. Here, overload protection can be assured across the entire course of the press-force profile and the whole movement profile; a minimum and maximum force can be defined for effective protection of the die. Response times of the electronically designed overload protection device are in the range of a few milliseconds, which is faster than with a hydraulic overload protection device. The press can be used again immediately after an overload has been detected.
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