Safe clamping of heavy dies

At the forthcoming MACH 2018 exhibition, Roemheld (Hall 20, Stand 444) will introduce a range of wedge clamping elements with patented safety bolts designed to attach a die set to the table and ram of a power press securely, regardless of whether the tool edges are straight or angled. A positive locking action allows even a heavy upper die to remain in place during maintenance or if the clamping pressure drops. The clamps move automatically, making them easy to operate, while a position control feature verifies closure and release, and reports if no die has been placed or if the edge is incorrectly set.

The system consists of a hydraulic cylinder block and a bolt guided within a housing; the bolt having a contact surface angled at 20°. A projection on the bolt and a corresponding recess along the die edge ensure positive locking if the hydraulic pressure holding the upper die should fail.
Adapter plates for simple attachment to existing dies make the retrofitting process trouble-free. The wedge clamping elements, with single or dual action, exert a force from 25 to 1250 kN. They are available to suit straight and angled die edges, and are designed in a variety of styles, allowing customers to configure clamping arrangements using a range of options. Modular construction allows cost-effective production of the elements, high availability and short delivery times, says Roemheld.
Permanent lubrication gives the clamps virtually maintenance-free operation. Due to their robust design, they are able to withstand high temperatures and soiling, and offer long service life. On request, multi-layer coatings can be applied to the bolts and housings to reduce wear in challenging applications.
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