Roscomac takes more machines from Citizen

Roscomac invested some £750,000 with Citizen Machinery UK in the first six months of 2017 for the installation of a Miyano BNE-51MSY multi-axis turn-mill centre and two Cincom sliding head turn-mill centres – a top-of-the range M16-V and a L20-VIIILFV. However, such was the immediate productivity uplift and problem-solving from using low frequency vibration (LFV) technology on the L20, that managing director Joe Martello ordered two further Cincom machines, a duplicate specification L20 and a smaller capacity L12-VII, both with LFV.

Says cell leader of the Worthing-based subcontractor, Sean Keet: “We had been experiencing constant problems with swarf when machining certain difficult components made from high-grade alloy and some stainless steels, plus copper, plastics and even difficult specification aluminium. Despite constant monitoring, we often faced significant levels of scrap or reworking, in particular due to swarf marks on critical features.”
Now, however, he maintains that production of these parts has been totally transformed following the installation of the Citizen Cincom L20-VIIILFV turn-mill centre in July, and such was the level of realisation that within weeks Martello insisted we bring forward 2018 investment plans and immediately ordered two further machines with LFV. He adds: “Our production people are now insisting that any further sliding- or fixed-head machine installations must involve LFV as it is such a game changer.”
The technology is based on initiating selectable sequences programmed at the machine control through G-codes to impart the size of chip to be produced. LFV can be switched in or out of the programmed cycle as required.
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