Rohm introduces retrofit solution for iJaw

It is now possible to retrofit the Röhm iJaw, which features sensor technology and wireless data transmission to measure clamping force in real time during machining, to all turning machines. There is no need to integrate the technology into the machine’s control system.

“With iJaw, we are effectively revolutionising the machining process,” says Gerhard Glanz, CEO of Röhm GmbH. “This is because real-time measurement of the clamping force during the machining process provides the user with a whole range of benefits. The advantages start with higher machine availability because of a reduction in set-up times and faster machining processes. The result is lower part costs on the one hand and increased component quality on the other. Overall, sensor-controlled workpiece machining is, of course, much safer than conventional manual clamping by feel.”

Gone are the days when operators would have to set the clamping force higher than necessary in order to ‘play it safe’.

“Especially with thin-walled components or sensitive surfaces, this is known to be counter-productive because having too high a clamping force quickly leads to deformation or even crushing of the workpiece,” says Glanz. “With exact knowledge of the applied clamping forces, you can significantly reduce rejects.”

This is how the iJaw works: an integrated sensor detects the forces introduced into the jaw, with data processed accordingly. The iJaw measures not only the actual applied forces of the internal and external clamping but also its own temperature. The system constantly displays the charging status of the battery. Röhm’s iJaw measures in real-time during machining.

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