Removing 3D-printed parts from base plates

The MEBA3D 335 is said to be a fast and cost-effective solution for the removal of 3D-printed parts from their base plates. Well before 3D sawing became a trend, MEBA had developed a concept for separating 3D-printed parts from the base plate that offers fast process times and good cutting results, with low operating and cost expenditure. The MEBA3D 335 concept is based on the straight cut saws of the MEBAeco product family, which are designed to offer high efficiency and optimum cutting results.

This metal-cutting bandsaw is equipped with a special clamping device for mounting plates that can be precisely aligned in order to release the 3D printed workpieces exactly on the customer’s own mounting plate. MEBA’s saw can be fitted with a housing in the working area of the saw that protects against dust, and with an additional suction device, if required.
Compared with conventional production processes such as wire EDM, MEBA says that its 3D saw concept is extremely uncomplicated, with just a few operating steps: simply clamp and saw. Acquisition and maintenance costs are also said to be significantly lower, while the long service life of the saw blade is another factor that helps keep costs low.
Utilisation and amortisation of the saw are further enhanced by the fact that MEBA3D 335 saws can also be used for standard sawing operations with a minimum of changeover effort.
An additional advantage of the MEBA 3D system is that, in many cases, existing MEBA saws are compatible and can be upgraded easily and economically. The system was successfully demonstrated to visitors at the Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt during November.
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