Pure Logiq from Iscar

Iscar introduced what is the company’s largest ever range of advanced cutting tools – the Logiq series – at the MACH 2108 exhibition in Birmingham, UK, last week.

The application of Logiq has allowed the development and launch of multiple new cutting-tool families, as well as existing tooling ranges to be further upgraded. New Logiq introductions, exhibited at MACH, included new cutting geometries and robust locking mechanisms that are said to guarantee stable, vibration-free machining with repeatability. The innovations have been designed to assist users in maximising equipment utilisation and optimising performance.
Iscar’s Logiq indexable inserts are equipped with the latest chip formers and geometries that enable soft cuts to be achieved at high feed rates, says the company. Furthermore, Logiq solid-carbide tools have been developed with inventive designs that feature substantially increased anti-vibration characteristics, while the latest cemented carbide grades are said to reflect the company’s forward-looking philosophy and know-how in powder metallurgy and coating technologies. The Logiq tool-holding line includes heat-shrink and vibration-dampening devices that have been designed to improve performance in areas were tool rigidity is a critical parameter.
Logiq turning applications offer a range of new Iscar solutions that enable a decrease in machining loads and the production of thinner and wider chips. Iscar’s Logiq developments also help to resolve vibration issues and improve coolant flow capabilities. Last but not least, drilling tool concepts delivered by Logiq enable significant productivity gains, high-accuracy capabilities and repeatability, claims Iscar.
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