Protolabs adds CTQ service

Telford-based Protolabs has launched a critical to quality (CTQ) inspection service for its on-demand injection moulding, whilst maintaining its production speed – as little as one day from CAD upload to the shipping of parts. This new service will save design engineers days or even weeks of time for the delivery of quality-assured parts.

A key aspect behind this rapid reporting and delivery is the company’s new software platform, which creates a digital thread as soon as a customer uploads a CAD model into the system. Working within the platform, the client simply submits a print of the model and uses red circles on the design to highlight up to five features where dimensions and tolerances are critical. Protolabs then reviews the model. If there are no issues, the order is issued without delay, whilst, if there is an issue, the client will be notified to decide on the next steps.

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