Press brake will make aero parts

LVD says it has been awarded an order from Japanese technology company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), via sales agent Itochu Machine-Technos Corp, for its Synchro-Form adaptive bending technology.

The KHI order is for a custom-built, 1000-ton class of Synchro-Form press brake equipped with special tooling to produce large panels for commercial aircraft fuselage structures. Forming such large components to a desired contour is a challenging task and one that will be simplified with Synchro-Form, which maintains angular consistency and the required geometric profile, says LVD. The machine also enables in-process automatic quality control when handling, positioning and bending large parts with multiple bends.
KHI is a key production partner for the Boeing 777X, the successor to Boeing’s popular 777 aircraft. Boeing says that the 777X will be the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world.
LVD’s Synchro-Form press brake meets the tight tolerance requirements demanded of the KHI application and the need for complete automation. The order was awarded to LVD after several bending trials where strict accuracy measurements were satisfied. LVD says that the Synchro-Form press brake will be manufactured at its production facility in Belgium.
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