Positivity from subcontractors

The UK’s subcontract manufacturing sector is emerging from lockdown with exceptionally strong sales pipelines, according to a cross-section of industry leaders. For instance, Chris Shield at Leicester-based Shield Group, says: “The pipeline is very strong and we’re feeling a lot more positive compared with six months ago.” Andrew Whitham at Manchester-based Brooks Ltd agrees, adding: “We’ve enjoyed a period of sustained growth and investment despite the challenges of COVID and lockdowns…the order book is very strong.”

The story is similar at Stoke-based John Hyde Engineering. “We’re more positive than six months ago and the pipeline is looking increasingly robust,” says John Hyde. Alan Mucklow, managing director UK and Ireland sales and service at Yamazaki Mazak, says the optimism of the subcontracting sector is a much-needed boost for UK manufacturing. “It is very striking, when I talk to customers, how positive the outlook is.”

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