Open Mind releases hyperMILL 2019.1

The latest version of the hyperMILL CADCAM suite, 2019.1, is now available from Open Mind.

Enhancements include expansion of the finishing module in the hyperMILL ‘MAXX Machining’ performance package. Further highlights include process optimisations, as well as new functions for reducing calculation times.
‘5-axis Prismatic Fillet Finishing’ is a new function in the finishing module of hyperMILL MAXX Machining: thanks to the geometry and automatic setting of the barrel cutter, this feature can be used in accordance with the principle of a high-feed milling cutter.
Processing takes place in a plunging and pulling movement with an extremely high feed, thus optimising performance when using conical barrel cutters, also called circle segment or parabolic cutters. In addition, ball and radius cutters can be used efficiently with this strategy.
Thread-milling options have also been completely redesigned for hyperMILL 2019.1 to improve convenience and ease-of-use for the programmer. The module supports a variety of different thread-milling cutter types and allows easy selection of right-hand and left-hand threads, or the definition of the milling direction from bottom to top, or vice versa. Additionally, the thread-milling feature offers automatic approach and retract macros, a selection of roughing options and simplified programming.
Open Mind’s hyperMILL manages the order of the processing steps with job IDs. Changes to job numbers have so far resulted in recalculations, but these are now avoided to save time. The improvement in job management now means that a job ID can be changed without having to subsequently recalculate the machining job in question. Consecutive numbering of the compound and machining job is controlled via a start value and an increment value. The benefit of this new feature is transparent structuring and reduced calculation times.
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