One version of the truth for CNC 2010

Investment in a PSL Datatrack production control software system has brought a number of organisational benefits to CNC 2010 Ltd of Buntingford. These include enhanced traceability, improved management and the establishment of “one version of the truth”, reports Emily Coleman, director of the subcontract precision engineering company.

Before implementing PSL Datatrack, CNC 2010 relied on manual methods for quoting and managing its business operations. However, the company now feels more confident in its processes due to PSL Datatrack’s standardised approach.

CNC 2010 learnt of PSL Datatrack through a fellow precision engineering subcontractor, a long-term supporter of the system in its 20th year of use. Coleman says that the sales process for the software was “smooth, with no pressure and comprehensive explanations of the software’s features and benefits”.

She adds: “We ultimately chose PSL Datatrack because it is specifically for the subcontract precision engineering industry and offered bespoke functionality tailored to our requirements.”

Utilisation of PSL Datatrack aligned with CNC 2010’s aims for the business. By streamlining the entire production process, it provided an opportunity for growth.

“We had reached maximum capacity in terms of administrative processing with our existing workload and PSL Datatrack helped us to overcome this limitation,” says Emily.

Since implementing PSL Datatrack, CNC 2010 has been able to process more orders and increase sales. Moving forward, the company’s focus is to leverage the software to optimise stock control and material handling. CNC 2010 also aims to obtain ISO 9001 accreditation, further enhancing its credibility and market position.

“We now have one version of the truth,” she concludes.“Processing times have reduced and there is no lost information as there was with our previous paper-based system.”
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