OKW is OK with Javelin MRP software

“We don’t do anything, anywhere in the business, without it being on Javelin.” Those are the words of Ian Cox, operations director at electronics housing manufacturer, OKW Enclosures Ltd.

“Javelin has played an absolutely vital role in getting the company to where it is today, and will remain crucial as we grow,” he adds. “As there are between 15,000 and 20,000 parts set up on Javelin across our five brands, we couldn’t run a business of this size without the information and control it gives us.”
The Fareham-based company has used Javelin and its forerunner, Jobshop, for more than 20 years, currently running the 2017 release.
“We updated our entire IT system in 2011, and now that we’ve also made a sea change to meet Javelin’s SQL database requirement, our philosophy is to work with the latest releases,” says Cox.
All shop-floor operations for manufacturing the company’s Metcase-brand enclosures are controlled with Javelin. The blanks are cut on two Murata Wiedermann CNC punch presses and then folded on Amada press brakes. Each part has a Javelin job card detailing every operation and drawing records. But before that stage, the software’s MRP system comes into play, providing precise control of all supply operations, addressing minimum stock levels and showing exactly what components need to be made.
Everything is also costed in Javelin, having been created on the system with a bill of materials and routing, which produces the standard costing.
“Modifications can be built
on to that, giving an accurate price for quotations,” says Cox. “And the standard costing is used in end-of-month stock and work-in-progress valuations.”
For further information www.javelin-mrp.com