NSSS orders four Citizen machines

The specialist fastener operation of Hockley-based Non Standard Socket Screw (NSSS) is continuing its policy of upgrading competitiveness by not only increasing productivity with further lights-out operations, but achieving improvements to quality and, most importantly, consistency of production, especially in more difficult to machine materials.
To help achieve this target, NSSS has ordered four CNC sliding head turn-mill centres worth £400,000 from Citizen Machinery UK.

Two Citizen Cincom installations comprising an L32-VIII and L20-VIII are already in full production. These machines will soon be joined by a further Cincom L20-VIII plus a smaller capacity L12-VII.
Says marketing director Melvin White: “We are in a very competitive market and it is important to maintain our production capability for both UK and overseas customers. We’re a modern business that is driving the use of automation and the latest manufacturing technologies to continually improve quality and output.”
By way of example, he follows on to describe the recent installation of a computer controlled heat-treatment facility and how lights-out techniques contribute to the firm’s improved levels of productivity.
“Our market demands consistency of production over long periods, which is being achieved with the latest machine-tool installations,” he says.
Since its foundation in 1971, NSSS has developed a fully self-contained fastener manufacturing operation that employs 90 people. In addition to its stockist business, the company produces a range of special fasteners, including prototypes for customers that range in size from M1.4. Parts are produced from up to 32 mm diameter bar on the Citizen Cincom machines.
For further information www.citizenmachinery.co.uk