Next-generation taper angle control

Water Jet Sweden has launched Alphajet, the next generation of taper angle control (TAC) and perpendicular waterjet cutting.

Alphajet is mechatronics based on compact design with a fixed TCP point. According to the company, extraordinary cutting result are achieved with carefully selected machine elements and small precise movements at an angular accuracy within ±0.05 mm.
Alphajet features a compact design that means lower weight and less limitations on the work area. This factor is extra beneficial for those who want to arm their machine with more than one cutting tool. Users can fit up to four Alphajet systems on the same machine, thereby quadrupling the cutting capacity without compromising accuracy.
The less movement, the higher accuracy. This principle was one of the guidelines when designing Alphajet, which has a fixed TCP so that the machine’s X and Y axes do not need to move in order to handle TAC.
Alphajet also features a proprietary gearbox design. The 45-30-30° angles require very small movements in the A and B axes when cutting, while the choice to position the tool holder very low on the cutting head provides a low rotation point with small, more accurate movements. Alphajet has the ability to withstand a maximum angular compensation TAC up to ±13°, which the company says is the best on the market.
The mechatronic system is equipped with Fanuc absolute servomotors, thus no reference cycle needs to be run. These absolute motors are directly connected in a harmonic drivetrain to eliminate any mechanical sources of error, such as backlash and play.
No special CADCAM programs are required as IGEMS basic CAM waterjet modules already contain data for the most common materials.
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