Next-generation Puma DNT lathe series unveiled

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of DN Solutions and Zayer machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has introduced a new range of high-performance, box guideway lathes into the market. The next-generation 8-10” chuck (67-81mm bar diameter) DNT Puma 2100/2600 lathe series is inherently flexible and provides manufacturers with capacity up to 460mm turning diameter and 658mm turning length.

The new series comprises of eight models in total.Fundamental to performance is their rigid design and build, which boasts box guideways on all axes to help prevent vibration and, as a consequence, ensure high part accuracies, long tool life and improved surface finishes even during heavy-duty machining operations.

Spindle power and speeds vary (up to 26 kW and 4500rpm) and are model dependent. A high torque option (378Nm) for the DNT 2100M lathe is also available.

DNT lathes feature 10-12 station servo-driven turrets for fast (0.15 second indexing time) and accurate tool selection: driven tooling models are supplied with the rigid BMT 55P or 65P (base mounted) turret that can accommodate 5.5 kW/6000-10,000rpm rotary tools and facilitate fast and precise milling, drilling and tapping operations.To ensure the machining of longer workpieces, DNT lathes are equipped with manual, programmable or servo-driven tailstocks.

The new lathes feature the FANUC iPlus control with 15” touchscreen iHMI that is both intuitive and attractive.

Says Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s CEO:“New DNT 2100 and 2600 lathes are now available.Their impressive technical specification will, I am confident, have a universal appeal among component manufacturers looking to increase their productivity and deliver ‘right-first-time’ turned parts to their customers.”
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