New waterjet to Sweden’s largest growth region

In 2022, the Swedish government estimated there was a total of 40,000 new jobs in the Norrbotten and Västerbotten region, a northern territory of Sweden. Norrsken Metall has been a well-known contract manufacturer in the region for many years. The company has experience of waterjet cutting since 2000 butits existing machine was worn out with recurring operational problems, so it was time to switch to a new and more reliable solution. Patrik Flodin and Niklas Fällman, owners of Norrsken Metall, got in touch with Christian Svensson, regional sales manager at Water Jet Sweden, a man with more than 25 years of experience in waterjet cutting machines.

“Together with the customer, we developed a machine solution that provides both increased capacity and better reliability,” says Svensson.

The Water Jet Sweden Grand model is a robust and powerful system for machining all types of materials, as well as for handling large or odd dimensions. Thanks to Water Jet Sweden’s patent, the machine offers the same high precision regardless of its size. The 3.2 x 7.7 m working area is divided into two working zones, allowing loading and unloading while the machine is running.

“There are many improvements,”reveals Svensson. “For instance, the systems for abrasive supply and sludge handling are extra powerful to handle cutting without interruption, and the machine is equipped with a more powerful pump for faster cutting.”

Thanks to its new investment, Norrsken Metall has both capacity and reliability to meet growing demand for waterjet cutting in the region. In fact, the company is already seeing growth, receiving several assignments from the new battery factory undergoing construction in the neighbourhood.

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