New saws give edge to British Steel project  

The arrival of three new Behringer saws at British Steel’s Skinningrove service centre will herald a major new milestone in its development.The £2.2m equipment will be a pivotal part of the operation, bringing increased productivity, greater accuracy and more intuition to the whole process of making special profiles for customers.

The £26m centre will include cut-to-length lines, product milling, machining and warehousing operations, and will enable British Steel to make and process an extended range of value-added profiles for the forklift industry.

The process of making sure special profiles meet requirements involves cutting down 14m bars, where accuracy is critical. The new saws will automate the process, deliveringmore precisionandthree times more speed than the previous saws.The advanced milling and machining capability will mean British Steel can offer profiles with tolerances of just 0.1mm.

Project manager at the Skinningrove service centre, Stuart Webster, says: “The new saws and product transportation systems that Behringer are providing will be integral to our facility.They will allow Skinningrove Special Profiles to move into the next phase ofanticipated market development in forklift mast sales. The saws will also significantly improve our capability to cut all products faster and meet tighter tolerances that satisfy the developing requirements of our customer base.”

British Steel’sspecial profiles business manufactures 250,000 tonnes of specialist products for a range of sectors, including the material handling market, of which the “profitable and growing” market for forklift trucks is a part.

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