New safeguards for return to work

The Nuclear AMRC in Sheffield has begun the second phase of restarting vital R&D projects while maintaining the highest levels of health and safety protection for staff.

In the first phase, a skeleton team implemented new safeguards, including markings to help people maintain safe distancing from the car park to the shop floor, a one-way flow system around the building, protective shields in reception and hand-sanitising stations with temperature measurement throughout the facility. The centre has produced a five-phase plan for returning to work while keeping staff safety as the number one priority.
“The measures that the team have put in place are excellent,” says Nuclear AMRC CEO Andrew Storer. “Of course, we still have a long way to go. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, will be ensuring sufficient desk and recreational areas for staff in the office space as our numbers ramp back up. This is something we are looking at closely. It is vital we only have essential staff on site at this stage, with others working safely from home.”
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