New micro-cutting technology installed

Nanoker from Spain specialises in technical ceramics and advanced nano-composites for various extreme applications. Now, the company is pushing boundaries using micro-waterjet technology. After winning a tender from CERN, Nanoker scanned the market for a suitable machine system. After a thorough evaluation they decided for a NCM 10 micro machine from Water Jet Sweden. The first challenge was to win the tender, second to find and select the right machine, and third to implement the new technology into its own production flow.

For every new set of parts, the machine needs to fine-tuning to get perpendicular cuts with tolerances of ±0.02 mm. Measuring the perpendicularity of machines after installation is standard procedure at Water Jet Sweden. However, for the NCM 10 Micro machine, laser measurement and ball bar verification also take place.

Water Jet Sweden always finalises training at the customer’s site, making sure the customer gets up and running. The company stays until after the customer produces a series of approved parts.

Sergio Rivera, product and business development manager at Nanoker Research, sums up the project: “The micro-water jet machine enables access to a very precise technology that cuts very hard materials in ‘close-to’ 2D geometries. Apart from the business related to the ‘big science’ industry, the machine will present new avenues for us to produce parts according to customer specifications with a different machining strategy.

He adds: “This technology will also allow us to access other markets, such as industrial. Previously, the production of ‘close-to’ 2D geometries in hard ceramics were limited to electrically conductive materials by using wireEDM. Now however, thanks to micro waterjet, we can machine both electrically and non-electrically conductive materials.”

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