New high-feed milling cutters

Now available from Horn is a new generation of milling cutters for machining at high feed rates. The DAH82 and DAH84 milling systems feature a precision-sintered indexable insert with eight cutting edges for cost-effective metal cutting. Despite its negative mounting position, the positive cutting geometry ensures good chip removal combined with a smooth, soft cut. Furthermore, the large radius of the insert’s main cutting edge ensures even distribution of the cutting forces, extending tool life.

Horn offers the inserts in the SA4B substrate, which is suitable for universal use on various materials. Maximum cutting depths are 1.0 mm for the DAH82 and 1.5 mm for the DAH84.
The DAH82 variant is available as an end mill and as a screw-in milling cutter in the following diameters: 20 mm (z = 2), 25 mm (z = 3), 32 mm (z = 4), 35 mm (z = 4) and 40 mm (z = 5), where z denotes the number of inserts. As an arbour milling cutter, it is available in diameters of 40 mm (z = 5), 42 mm (z = 5) and 50 mm (z = 6).

For diameters in excess of 50 mm, the larger DAH84 indexable insert is used. It can be supplied as an arbour milling cutter in the following standard diameters: 50 mm (z = 4), 52 mm (z = 4), 63 mm (z = 5), 66 mm (z = 5), 80 mm (z = 6), 85 mm (z = 6), 100 mm (z = 7) and 125 mm (z = 8). All tool bodies receive a special surface treatment of high strength and hardness, providing long-term protection against abrasive wear from chips.

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