New grades facilitate high feeds on tough metals

Horn has introduced two carbide grades for inserts used in its DAH82 and DAH84 high-feed milling systems, enabling their use for a wider range of materials. The expansion gives customers the ability to choose grades best adapted to their applications.

The new SC6A grade is suitable for machining materials in the ISO M group (stainless steels), as well as ISO S materials (superalloys) as a secondary application. The new IG6B grade is for machining ISO P materials (steels), while it is also suitable as a multi-purpose grade for other material categories, as is the pre-existing SA4B substrate.

With eight usable cutting edges, the sintered inserts offer a competitive price per cutting edge and hence economical machining. The positive geometry ensures a soft, quiet cut as well as good chip flow. Notably, the large radius of the insert’s main cutting edge also promotes a soft cut and,alongside an even distribution of cutting forces, ensuring long tool life.

In terms of machining parameters, the maximum cutting depth is 1 mm (DAH82) and 1.5 mm (DAH84). The DAH82 variant is available as an end mill and as a screw-in milling cutter in the following diameters: 20 (z = 2), 25 (z = 3), 32 (z = 4), 35 (z = 4) and 40 mm (z = 5), where z denotes the number of inserts. As a shell mill, it is available in diameters of 40 (z = 5), 42 (z = 5) and 50 mm (z = 6).

For diameters of 50 mm and more, the larger DAH84 system is first choice. The variants are available only as shell mills in the following diameters: 50 (z = 4), 52 (z = 4), 63 (z = 5), 66 (z = 5), 80 (z = 6), 85 (z = 6), 100 (z = 7) and 125 mm (z = 8).
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