New CNC machines from Ajax

Ajax Machine Tools has introduced a range of CNC machines called the Atom and Proton. The Atom, being very small, is Ajax’s new mini CNC lathe.

Included among the machine’s features are a Siemens 808D control, a 100 mm diameter three-jaw chuck, an automatic four-way tool post that takes 10 mm tooling, and a tailstock with a 3 MT spindle. Atom machines are supplied on wheels and will plug into a domestic 13 A socket.
The Ajax Proton, which is also very small, is the mini milling version of the Atom. Again featuring a Siemens 808D control driving three axes, the Proton can mill, drill and tap, and also comes on wheels with the capability to plug into a 13 A socket. The machines are designed for use in home, garage, workshop, machine shop or classroom environments. Online training is available, while a PC version of the control is being offered for free.
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