New bi-metal blades available in UK

US-based saw blade and file product manufacturer, Simonds Saw, has launched a new range of bi-metal bandsaw blades. Multiple rounds of testing, prototyping and optimisation with professionals in the field led to the development of four bi-metal bandsaw blades in total. According to the company, the new product range excels at general purpose cutting, production cutting, structural steel cutting and exotic alloy cutting.

“We fully expect our new product line of bi-metal bandsaw blades to have a global impact on the metal-cutting industry,” says Simonds Saw president David Miles. “We’re excited for loyal bandsaw users all over the world to put these new products to good use. Whether they’re cutting structural steel in Indiana or titanium in Shanghai, we now have the optimal bandsaw blade to maximise uptime and materials, in any application.”

Simonds Saw has now stopped production of Dieband, Broadband, Blockbuster, IC Enduro and X51 in favour of new range. However, these products may still be available while stocks last.

Dieband, Broadband and Blockbuster will be phased out in favour of Epic GP, while SBX GP will replace Broadband and IC Enduro. X51, Simonds’ existing product for the cutting of tough steel and high-nickel alloys, will be phased out in favour of SiClone XP.

After extensive field testing, the existing Simonds’ SiClone bandsaw blade was determined to be high performing in its current state and so stands prepared to meet the next generation of metal-cutting needs.

Addison Saws is the UK’s exclusive Simonds retailer, with the full range available directly from the company and its network of nationwide dealers. All bandsaw blades are hand-welded on site and to order, with many available for next-day delivery.

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