NCMT launches work-holding stabiliser system

US firm Blue Photon has a new, photo-activated adhesive work-holding system, comprising patented grippers and inserts, intended for use with stabiliser systems marketed by Big Daishowa and others that add extra rigidity to tall components during machining. The ‘Workholding Stabilizer System’made its European debut at September’s EMO 2023 trade fair in Hanover.

The new system comprises a Blue Photon stabiliser puck, an adjustable stabiliser arm and a base mount, for which there are multiple options including T-slot, threaded-hole and magnetic. Users position the puck in an optimal location on the workpiece to provide maximum extra support during machining by transferring some of the cutting force to the machine table and structure.

Increased stability raises production throughput by allowing the programming of faster feeds and speeds without affecting the surface integrity of the part. It also increases yield by avoiding scrap and rework that could result from unstable clamping.

The puck attaches to the workpiece using grippers placed into fixed inserts. It is simply necessary to position the puck and turn on ultraviolet light from a Blue Photon controller to cure BlueGrip adhesive previously applied to the grippers. The process is complete in 60 seconds, minimising idle time and maximising throughput.

Further benefits include no need to drill and tap or otherwise clamp the part, while the absence of additional work-holding geometry means that cutter paths are unrestricted without necessarily extending cycle times.

Also on the stand at EMO was a selection of Blue Photon’s other adhesive work-holding products, which are suitable for securing awkwardly shaped and/or delicate parts to allow maximum access to tools during machining processes. They are equally suitable for use in assembly or inspection.
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