Morgan Rushworth release XPH hybrid press brake

The new Morgan Rushworth XPH Hybrid press brake features fast, accurate and responsive bending with much lower energy consumption and less hydraulic oil than a traditional hydraulic press brake. Anovel electro-hydraulic servo-drive system replaces the standard hydraulic system and reduces power consumption by around 60% while the machine is idling and 45% during the bending cycle.

Notably,HAWE Hydraulik SE in Germany produces the hybrid electro-hydraulic system with independent units fitted to each of the left and right cylinders. The system delivers around 30% faster approach and return speeds than a standard hydraulic machine, reaching speeds of up to 200 mm/s.

Technology of this type is gaining interest as organisations seek to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy costs. The self-contained electro-hydraulic system requires significantly less oil than a traditional hydraulic press brake, greatly reducing waste oil from future servicing. Much lower energy usage can result in real cost savings in the current climate. Furthermore,the machines are a lot quieter to use as there is not a hydraulic pump running continuously.

Morgan Rushworth hybrid press brakes are fitted with the advanced but user-friendly ESA VIS-875W CNC touchscreen control. Users easily and intuitively enter the required profile by tapping on the touchscreen, quickly creating the bending program. The CNC control is mounted on a height-adjustable arm for ease of use.

The company regularly featuresthe XPR Hybrid press brake atits dealer showrooms throughout the UK.
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