Milling inserts come in seven grades

AMXT inserts with a choice of seven substrate grades and three chip-breaker geometries have been developed by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal to meet specific demands where lower powered machines or less stable application conditions are encountered. Each insert has a high rake featuring a curved wave form to the cutting edge. With greater insert width, this design creates a more stable seating to support the cutting action.

The seven grades: ACP100, 200 and 300; ACK200 and 300; and ACM 200 and 300, can cut to depths of up to 5 mm. ACP100 has the latest Sumitomo ‘FF’ CVD coating, giving wear and thermal resistance in the high-speed and light cutting of steel. Sumitomo’s ACP200 uses the company’s ‘Super ZX’ PVD coating on a carbide substrate, which is said to enable milling 1.5 times faster than conventional inserts. ACP300 also has Super ZX coating and is designed for use under more arduous roughing applications.
ACK200 grade with its ‘Super FF’ CVD coating is for use in general machining tasks (including interrupted cuts) involving grey and ductile cast irons. ACK300, which is coated with Super ZX, provides a solution able to generate even greater levels of productivity.
Sumitomo’s ACM200 is coated with Super FF to provide high orders of wear resistance when machining PH stainless steels, while ACM300 is first choice (with its Super ZX coating) when balanced wear and fracture resistance is required.
The AXMT inserts can be paired with Sumitomo’s new WEX Type 1000 cutter bodies for 90º shoulder-milling applications. In fact, pocketing, helical boring, slotting, shoulder milling and ramping cycles can be carried out with the same tool, says the company.
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