Micro-abrasive waterjet machines on show

On Stand L1 at Advanced Engineering 2017 (NEC, 1-2 November), micro-machining specialist Rainford Precision will premiere the new line of Finepart micro-abrasive waterjet machines.

Visitors to the stand will find an intriguing new method of cutting common aerospace materials such as CFRP, glass, ceramic and aluminium alloys.
In comparison to conventional methods such as milling, wire erosion or die sink EDM, the Sweden-built Finecut waterjet system eradicates the issue of heat generation through machining. By processing parts without generating high temperatures, the waterjet series eliminates any structural or metallurgical concerns. Finecut machines have a micro-fine jet of just 0.2 mm with a positional accuracy of ±2.5 µm and an adjustable jet pressure from 500 to 4000 bar.
For further information www.rainfordprecision.com