Marking line improves aerospace traceability

Floyd Automatic Tooling says that it now offers the latest Hommel + Keller brand of Zeus marking systems.
A manufacturer of aerospace industry connectors has recently chosen marking technology from Hommel + Keller as a means of clearly identifying components. The connectors vary in terms of diameter and material. For example, parts identical in design are made from nickel with a diameter of 3.33 mm and from brass with a much smaller diameter of 1.52 mm. To optimise production and further reduce set-up times, the aerospace manufacturer was also looking for an alternative to marking with the production number.

The solution was the Zeus spring return marking method. Explaining the situation, Hommel + Keller International technical sales engineer, José Cruz, says: “The customer was already using our tools for marking. However, the revolving method that depends on diameter was being employed. That meant there was a separate marking roll for each connector diameter and the customer often had to swap tools with production changes. Since the workpieces have very small diameters, the marking rolls also had an unfavourable ratio of 6:1 to ensure precise marking in multiple rotations. This increased the amount of set-ups required, particularly in the case of small and medium-sized production volumes. With our spring return system, we were able to offer the customer an even more cost-effective method of machining. Now, different connectors need only one roll for marking.”
In contrast to the revolving method, the spring return method ensures the embossing process takes place over just one partial rotation of the marking roll. This permits processing at high speeds.
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