Making tools and fixtures on an ad hoc basis

Before vehicles are produced in large series, automotive manufacturers test and check the
properties and functions of all components under different conditions. All-Forming GmbH in
Kappel-Grafenhausen specialises in the production of the required prototypes and pilot
series. With innovative ideas and in-depth expertise, the team develops and fabricates the
necessary tools and fixtures. This is where the company appreciates the huge potential of
wire EDM technology.

To produce its punching and forming tools, the specialists at All-Forming have been using
the wire erosion process for many years. The company invested in a Mitsubishi MV2400R
Connect wire EDM machine in the middle of 2022 because the previous machine was
outdated in terms of programming and operation.
Production manager Sebastian Singler says All-Forming decided in favour of the wire EDM
machine from Mitsubishi Electric for several reasons. “First of all, the MV2400R Connect
comes with a cutting-edge and future-proof programming and operating approach. We
benefit from state-of-the-art touchscreen operation. In addition, interfaces to current CAM
systems are readily available. We also the like very large workspace which provides easy
access to the machine operator. This is particularly important for us as we frequently
machine one-off parts.”
All-Forming programs the components to be cut at a CADCAM workstation using the 3D CAD
workpiece data. The data for the NC program for wire EDM gets sent to the MV2400R
Connect via a direct data line. There, the company retrieves the current production orders
and NC programs and loads the machine with sheet metal accordingly.
The advantage is that the company can position several different pieces of sheet in the large
workspace. All-Forming’s MV2400R Connect can therefore cut several workpieces
overnight, unsupervised. This goes a long way towards producing stamping and forming
tools at short notice.
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