Low-volume parts delivered fast

Optimas Solutions is offering its customers a new way of receiving low-volume parts with greater expediency than normally possible.

The service has been enabled by the installation of a Takamaz XY120 Plus CNC lathe, which can quickly produce a range of parts in quantities up to 5000 pieces. This rapid component delivery service will be offered by Optimas’ UK manufacturing arm, Barton, as part of a new worldwide express service, which provides low-volume components on greatly reduced lead times to alleviate existing supply pressure on manufacturers.
The service is aimed primarily at the automotive, petrochemical and other pressurised industrial sectors.
Components manufactured from all types of materials are available, including exotic materials, titanium and high-temperature alloys, plus all base-plating options. Male components offered by the express service include hex, flange and banjo bolts; and double ended studs and solid rivets ranging from M5 to M22 diameter at a maximum length of 330 mm. Female variants include nuts, spacers, special forgings and fittings up to a maximum of 42 mm diameter.
The Takamaz XY120 Plus operating at Barton is a multi-axis CNC machine offering a highly automated compound machining capability. Its ability to turn-mill and tap at both ends ensures an integrated and expedient process, which is further aided by a turret that is capable of housing 12 driven tools. The machine is coupled with a Hydrafeed barfeed cassette inherent to the machine.
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