Like a brand new machine after 21 years

“Quality never goes out of style,” they say. Well for Water Jet Sweden cutting machines quality never goes out of performance either! The recent refurbishment of a 21-year-old waterjet cutting machine to almost-new condition by the in-house team recently demonstrated this perfectly, making it ready for many more years of quality cutting.

In 2001, Water Jet Sweden sold the machine to a Norwegian waterjet contract cutter. After 21 years of cutting, the customer decided to upgrade its workshop by investing in a new machine. Like many other well-maintained machines from Water Jet Sweden, the performance was still good, and a general ‘facelift’ could be worth the investment. The customer service team at Water Jet Sweden seized the opportunity and bought the old machine.

“We’ve supported the customer since the machine was delivered in 2001, and have good knowledge of both operating hours and service history,” says Ronny Martinsson, customer service manager at Water Jet Sweden.

Looking at the refurbished machine, it is difficult to imagine that it has been in production for 21 years. Although it looked a little more run-down than when purchased, after a thorough clean, the potential was clearly visible. Every renovation project is different: this time the frame was repainted, new table grids installed, hoses replaced and, most importantly, the electrical system replaced with a new Fanuc CNC system. The system change included everything from cables, motors and electrical cabinets to a modern PanelOne operator panel.

The refurbished machine is now ready for delivery to a new customer in Germany, a forging company that will use the machine as a workstation in its workshop. It cost about 60% of what an equivalent new machine would cost.
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