Lenox launches Armor VP bandsaw blade

Lenox continues to advance its range of industrial products with the introduction of the new Armor VP bandsaw blade.

The Armor VP is pitched at customers seeking high cutting rates and long blade life across a wide range of materials. Target users include steel service centres and metal manufacturers within the aerospace, oil and gas, and defence industries.
Armor blades by Lenox were first introduced to the market in 2005, and the company has continued to make enhancements to the product line over the years, the latest of which is the Armor VP.
A major feature of the blade is its state-of-the-art coating technology – an enhanced AlTiN formulation that protects the teeth from heat, allowing for faster cutting rates and increased productivity compared with non-coated carbide blades. In addition, an advanced grade of carbide that is honed with Honex technology limits tooth wear, enabling long blade life.
“The Armor VP bandsaw blade is already performing extremely well with our customers, allowing them to increase their productivity,” confirms Dan Fernandes, senior product manager. “At Lenox we’re committed to understanding the needs of our customers and designing innovative tools that help them to be more efficient in their everyday tasks.”
For further information www.lenoxtools.com

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